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We’re pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of our Entry-Level Firefighter Candidate Study Guide. The new edition includes a new 100 item practice test. All questions in the 2nd edition are unique from the 1st edition.

The goal of the Entry-Level Firefighter Candidate 2nd Edition Study Guide is to:

  • Answer frequently asked questions about the test forms. By reading through the answers to the frequently asked questions, you should gain a clear understanding of what each test assesses, the differences between the test forms, and how to get the most out of this study guide.
  • Describe the content areas assessed by the test forms, review the different types of questions you will see when taking any of the test forms, and present sample questions for each content area.
  • Share basic test-taking tips that may help you improve your overall test performance.
  • Provide a 100 question practice test with full explanations for all the answers.

IMPORTANT: Due to the purpose and nature of certain types of test questions, there are two content areas that appear on some IPMA-HR tests that are not covered in detail in this study guide. These are: Interests and Situational Judgment. The study guide only contains brief information on these types of questions and no sample questions.

This study guide applies to the following IPMA-HR tests:

  • FF-EL 101
  • FF-EL 102
  • FF-EL 201-NC (TIP)
  • FF-EL 202 (TIP)
  • FF-EL 301-NC (TIP)
  • FF-EL 302 (TIP)

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